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Mazamorra Morada


Mazamorra Morada Recipe (Purple Pudding)

The purple pudding (Mazamorra Morada) is the traditional dessert of our gastronomy, consumed almost daily in our country, but especially in the month of October when the Lord of Miracles is celebrated. It is a sweet preparation that has an exquisite and peculiar taste that you will love. That is why this time we bring you the recipe so that you are encouraged to prepare it at home.

Prepare the rich purple pudding and enjoy with your family its unique flavor. This preparation is ideal to serve at a children’s birthday party or to share on any occasion. Here are the ingredients and preparation steps.

Preparation:10 minutes
Cooking:30 minutes
Total Time:40 minutes
Station:All year
Place of preparation:The kitchen
Food fusion:No

Ingredients for 5 people

  • 3 liters of water (approx.)
  • 1lb. purple corn
  • 2lb. white sugar
  • 1 apple
  • 2 peaches
  • 1 quince
  • 1 pineapple
  • ½ cup dried peach
  • 2 lemons (juice only)
  • ½ cup prunes
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 cloves
  • 10 tablespoons sweet potato starch (or potato starch)
  • 6 pieces of dried apricots, peach or apple
  • Canela molida para espolvorear

Purple Pudding Instructions

Step 1

Wash and desgrana the purple corn for later cooking.

After washing, pour the corn into a pot with water and place it to cook. Once the water is dyed, strain, separating the water from the purple corn. Repeat the same procedure until you get approximately 3 liters of water.

Step 2

Place the liquid on the fire. Go adding sugar, apple, quince, pineapple, dried peach, cup prunes, cinnamon sticks, peaches, cloves, dried apricots. Mix everything very well continuously.

Step 3

Once the ingredients are well cooked, add the sweet potato starch with the lemon juice and let it boil again.

Step 4

Continue stirring the entire mixture until you can see the bottom of the pot or cook everything, obtaining a soft consistency pot.

Step 5

Finally, let the mazamorra cool on a plate or special confectioner. The temperature depends on the diner. Sprinkle ground cinnamon and you will be ready to taste.

Tips for preparing Mazamorra Morada

  • Prepare all the ingredients in containers with their measurements to check for any missing item.
  • When adding the chuño with the lemon juice it is important not to stop stirring the preparation so that lumps do not form or burn.
  • It is advisable to boil the fruits from the beginning with the purple corn water to obtain a more concentrated flavor.
  • In case of not having the nuts you can continue preparing the sweet with the other natural fruits to taste.
  • Tie the cinnamon sticks and cloves to finish removing them more easily.

History of the Mazamorra Morada

The name mazamorra comes from dungeon (mazmorra), which refers to the shelters used by prisoners and condemned in ancient times. These places were dark underground and were located in castles and prisons of the time.

In the dungeons the prisoners were fed a pasta made from wheat flour, water, and fruits that they had on hand. This preparation was a dish that could only be eaten by the prisoner or punished person not recognized by society.

That mazamorra is the one that the Spaniards brought to Peru in the colonial era. It was modified with the creativity of the mestizos and slaves of those times, integrating the purple corn in its preparation turning this sweet into purple mazamorra.

However, there is another story that indicates that our symbolic dessert known as purple mazamorra has its origin in the Inca era. It is estimated that in the time of the Incas this dish was already prepared with lime and cornmeal, which they called in Quechua language: ishkupcha.

At present, the purple mazamorra is usually accompanied by the delicious rice pudding, and begins to become popular among the population as the great “classic”, named in this way by the Peruvian soccer classic between Alianza Lima and the U.

For the combination a portion of rice pudding is intertwined with two portions of purple mazamorra symbolizing the shape of the Flag of Peru. This dessert can be obtained in any of the streets of Lima and the interior and is usually sold in the afternoons.

How to prepare purple mazamorra?

  • The purple mazamorra is made with purple corn, which is boiled for a long time, previously washed and peeled, until it reaches its red point. Then strain as many times as necessary, separating the water from the corn.
  • The highlight of this preparation is that only the resulting tinted water will be used. From there, a series of ingredients will be added, such as fresh and preserved fruits, species, among others, that will highlight the natural taste of purple corn water.
  • All ingredients should be cooked very well until their consistencies are soft and soft, then add diluted chuño or sweet potato flour and lemon juice, ingredients that will help the preparation thickens and reaches its ideal point.