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Peruvian Food Recipes

Peruvian food is one of the most valued gastronomies worldwide, with more than 500 recipes throughout Peru. Its typical food has managed to spread throughout South America, thanks to its people who decided to undertake and create restaurants all over the world.

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Featured Recipes

Typical Peruvian Food Recipes

Perú has a lot of typical meals in its 3 geographical regions that are coastal, mountains and jungle, with 100% original recipes.

Latest cooking recipes

To make a rich Peruvian menu it is not necessary to spend hours and hours looking for simple steps, just find the website! Thanks to our easy cooking recipes you will learn to prepare all kinds of typical dishes, from some more elaborate ones such as Chanfainita or Rice with Chicken to simpler ones such as Peruvian Ceviche or the delicious picarones.

In our recipe book there are dishes for all tastes, the only bad thing is that you will not be able to diet. 😉 You will find pastas, roasted, stews, cold dishes and many more delicious meals. You just have to decide which of our free recipes you want to make and get to it.

All the Peruvian cooking recipes you want!

With these homemade recipes you will enjoy eating like never before. You just have to decide if you want to make Tallarin Saltado, some Tamales or a Causa Rellena, among many other options, then just concentrate in buy the ingredients and look at the number of diners and time. As soon as you put the tooth to your masterpiece, you’ll see!

In addition to this, in you will be able to know step by step the most typical Christmas recipes of Peru but also the most refreshing summer preparations.

During the hottest months you don’t feel like eating a stew, but what about a fruit sorbet or a fruit salad? Of course! In addition, these types of preparations are cooking recipes for ideal children thanks to which you will get them to eat everything.


Why are Peruvian recipes so varied and rich?

Peruvian cuisine is listed as one of the best in the world, not only for its great taste, aromas and creativity; but also for the great variety of vegetable, animal and marine supplies that are used in its preparation.

Peruvian foods owe their delicacy to the excellent quality and flavor of their ingredients; but also to the great passion that the Peruvian chef puts at the time of making his preparations.

This passion and taste to achieve the best flavor is not something casual, but rather it is something that comes in our genes inherited from the traditions of our ancestors.

491 typical dishes, 2,500 types of soups, 1,500 starters and 250
desserts, these are the figures that speak of the immense variety and richness of Peruvian cuisine. This plurality is mainly due to three factors.

  • First, the high degree of agricultural development achieved by cultures that have settled for thousands of years on Peruvian soil.
  • Second, to the rugged geography of Peru that allows the existence of a wide variety of products.
  • And third, to the contributions of the conquest and subsequent migrations.

History of Peruvian gastronomy

The gastronomy of Peru is the product of a long miscegenation and traces its beginnings in ancient Peru, long before the Incas. That mixture continued in the Inca era with the expansion of the Empire.

Then with the arrival of the Spaniards and Africans, to continue enriching themselves in the Republican era with French, Italian, Chinese-Cantonese and Japanese immigration.

That is why some connoisseurs have cataloged Peruvian cuisine as the cuisine of the 4 continents. In fact, today the gastronomy of Perú is constantly evolving and growing, to the point of having become a gourmet kitchen. All this has led her in recent years to receive awards, praise and recognition throughout the world.

Geographical factors that give variety to Peruvian foods

Peruvian foods have a great variety thanks to the diversity of animal and vegetable products that can be obtained from their territory. This is because Peru has 84 of the 104 climatic zones that exist in the world. This climatic diversity serves to make our country considered one of the top 12 most mega-diverse countries on the planet.

The different climates that exist in Peru are due to its location geographical near the equator; but also to the mountain range of The Andes that passes along the territory. These factors are what they have given rise to the different ecological and altitudinal floors that allow the cultivation and existence of infinity of plant species and animals.

But there is also an additional factor: the Humboldt Current that borders the coast of the Peruvian Sea from south to north. This cold water current brings with it the proliferation of microorganisms called plankton, which serve as food for small fish and these in turn for larger fish. All this generates a food chain and abundance of marine products that make the Peruvian sea one of the richest on the planet.